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Play Therapy Room Set Up

How to Set Up a Play Therapy Room
for non directive play therapy

Setting up a Play Therapy room doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. If done correctly, almost any space can be made into a Play Therapy room. Opinions vary widely, about play room setup, but there are a few key elements to keep in mind.

Type of Room
If you have a large room, then great!. A Complete Play Therapy Kit from will easily stock a large room. If you have a small room, stick with the necessities. A Portable Play Therapy Kit would be ideal for a small space such as an office corner. Above all, make sure you have the right toys and enough space to play. The room should be in a quiet location with no Interruptions. Keep in mind that kids can get loud, so plan accordingly. Having a sink nearby is necessary for washing up. If possible, you should paint your walls with a quality, white, semi-gloss paint. The walls should not contain distracting colors or artwork. You may also want to put down a rug or playmat to protect your floors.

Toy Lay Out
The Play Therapy toys should be neatly shelved and easily reachable by the child. If they can't see it, they won't play with it. A cabinet is fine as long as it's open and ready when the child enters the room. Play Therapy toys should be categorized in a way that is appropriate for Play Therapy. This makes tracking easier and allows the child to focus on his or her issues. Avoid crowding so the child will see all the toys. If a video camera is used for supervision or forensic purposes, it should be as small and inconspicuous as possible.

Types of Play Therapy Toys
You should select toys that support the process of play therapy. The Play Therapy Kits at includes many different types of toys. With our kits, you can start Play Therapy right away. The kits can even be customized to fit your particular situation. Extra items you might consider adding are a play kitchen unit, art easel and a sand box. If your budget is limited, start simple and add more as you grow. Expensive toys aren't necessary. In fact, it's best if the toys are kept simple and inexpensive. Simple toys usually require more interaction and are easily replaced if broken. Setting limits will help prevent broken toys, but no toy will last forever. If a child needs something to break, give them things like bubble wrap or egg cartons.

Play Therapy Room Maintenance
A Play Therapy room requires continuous maintenance and detail. Maintaining your play room is just as important as what you stock it with. Broken/used up toys should be removed from the room and replaced promptly. Non-functioning toys are frustrating and hinder progress. You should schedule enough time between clients to clean/reorganize/restock your play room. The room should be exactly the same way for each session. The child should be able to return each time and find the same place they're accustomed to finding. If not, they will get stuck in exploration and progress will be slow.

Please contact if you have any questions about setting up your play room. We'll be glad to help. We can even design a custom solution for you.

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